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Yin Yoga

History, Origin & Introduction

Yin yoga was first introduced by Paulie Zink, a yoga teacher. It was specially designed for martial arts as it provides you with great flexibility and strength. In this form of yoga, you will need to hold a particular asana or yogic posture for a longer period of time to put some moderate stress upon the joints, tendons, ligaments and our connective tissues. This is in turn is going to increase blood circulation in this area and will help us in gaining flexibility. This yoga can be great healing exercise for old aged people as they suffer from a lot of pains in their various joints. Yoga should be practised consistently with full dedication like any sort of exercise and not like any sort of pain relief remedy because if is done so from an early age then it can make you disease free and pain free throughout you life. It releases your chronic stress levels and creates a disciplined man within you.

We heartily welcome you at Aayaa yoga, the center for the true knowledge of various forms of yoga. Here knowledge is provided you not only practically but theoretically as well to teach and preach you yoga at the same time. For teachers it will be very beneficial to attract more and more students through the skill of preaching. Specially for teachers, we have designed a course of Yin yoga teacher training in India. It is a special course where the people interested to be a yoga teacher can come and get this course to specialise themselves in Yin yoga. Our best in class group of teachers are going to train you. They are holding great knowledge and a 10 years of experience of yoga teacher’s training.

So what are you waiting for. If it interests you then you should definitely discover our Yin yoga teacher training in India to trace out the yoga teacher within you.

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