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Chakras are considered to be the concentrated energy centres in the different parts of our body and they depict the various aspects of humanity. There are two types of chakras i.e. the major and the minor and they total make a number of 114 in our body. But today we are going to discuss shortly on the seven major chakras. They are Muladhara or base chakra, Svadhistana or sacral chakra, Manipura or solar plexus chakra, Anahata or heart chakra, Vishuddha or throat chakra, Ajna or third eye chakra and finally the topmost Sahasara or crown chakra. All the seven chakras as said earlier depicts the various aspects of humanity and they are existence, desire, control, love, expression, witness and based on the crown chakra i.e. consciousness. All these chakra are needed to provide the strength in the correct manner and one of the way out is yoga. Yoga can train all these chakras and can increase your strength making you more sustainable

Welcome at Aayaa yoga where the true knowledge of yoga is open to all. Yoga is a traditional technique to strengthen all our chakras and is one of the oldest techniques to do so. Here knowledge is provided to all but if you are someone who wants to convert the passion for yoga into his profession or career then we have something for you. There is a special course of Yoga teacher training in India specially for yoga instructors to build a special knowledge and a set of skills. The training will be provided by our well experienced teachers with more than 10 years of experience and high knowledge to train you both practically and theoretically so that you can create a smile on the face of others.

Thus if you are interested to gain more knowledge about chakras then we have covered it in our yoga teacher training in India and therefore you must get this training now.